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Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's about time!

I didn't mean to stay away so long, really I didn't.  I think I've finally gotten it across to my hubby that we needed to have a better program to download our pictures into.  So yesterday, I found the CD that came with my mom's camera and got it downloaded.  So now, we'll be going back through all the pictures we've taken since last July and resizing them!  YAY!!!  It shouldn't take too long, but we've got to keep working at it and get them done!  So, I have a few pictures to share today! 

This is a picture of the dog bandana's that I made for my husband's Dr., her assistant and the receptionist - for their dogs, not for them!!  LOL!

I actually won my very first 'Give Away', I left a comment on a quilting blog, saying that I was working on these, using 'heart' fabrics!!  I won a 6 piece fat quarter set of 'shirtings' fabrics!!  She also included 3 free quilting patterns!! (the kind you get from the fabric companies - but that's okay, I didn't have them and I always welcome new patterns, of any kind!)

I also made some Gator wallets (Wonder Wallets by Lazy Girl).  These are so much fun to make, but when using fabrics that I want to 'fussy cut', I end up wasting fabric and the Gator fabrics are so expensive, even buying them at Joann's. (at least I can use coupons when shopping there!)  So to keep from wasting the fabric, after cutting the pieces for making the wallets, I've started a small tub for the scraps.  I'm going to use those scraps to make another shopping bag holder, like the one I made for Sami! 

It helps that I have a 5 inch wide ruler, to cut the fabrics with - that's how wide the pieces are for the wallets!  I don't know if I could make these without that ruler, it makes it so easy to center the fabric for cutting!

So now that we're starting to get our pictures more usable, I'm hoping that I'll get more and more into posting!  I'm planning on starting a little spiral notebook, to list topics for posts, so I can remember what all I want to talk about, as we're taking new pictures!

Until next time!