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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ready or not.......

Ready or not!  I'm FINally here to type up a NEW post!! (yeah, I know, it's about time!)  I've just talked to my friend Sandy on the phone, to make sure that I remembered where to click, to be able to add a picture!  Yes, it's been that long, that I had forgotten how I did it on that very first post!   Then, I had to make sure that my hubby had cropped the picture down small enough that ya'll couldn't count the hairs on my ugly, old skinny arm. (in the picture!) Okay, I'm rambling, so I'll just get on with it!

I was busy for a few days last week, making a bag holder for Sandy's daughter, Sami.  She moved out on her own over the weekend and I wanted to be sure that I had it ready when we got to Starke, so I could give it to her!  I didn't have a pattern, but I did have an idea in my head and was hoping that it would turn out fairly decent.  I've made these holders before, but not in this way.  It was my own, strippy project!  See...

It's not the best picture in the world, but I think that you get the idea!  Sami likes the Gator football team out of Gainesville, Florida!  So I bought a bunch of different Gator fabrics, cut them up and sewed them back together, in a scrappy, strippy way and this is what I ended up with!!  I'm very pleased with how it turned out!  So much, that I'm thinking about making another one!  When I get around to it anyway.  I've got a couple of other projects that I've got to get done first.  But soon!  I'm hoping that ths blog will help me to keep on sewing and staying more busy with my sewing machine.

As for other Gator themed items that I've made for Sami, here's a picture of a pillow that I made for her birthday a couple of years ago...

This is my own design, I think that I've made 5 of these so far!  I'm hoping to get 2 more done in the next week or so.  I cut my own fringe with my rotary cutter & by doing that, I use up a lot of scraps from making the pillow itself.  Three years ago, I wanted to make some pillows for my 3 nieces as their Christmas gifts. (all teenagers at the time).  But the problem was, I didn't know where to begin. It didn't help that it was the night of Christmas Eve either!  So my mom helped me to get started and showed me how to decide on how big to cut the fleece for the pillows.  I went back to my in law's house that night and stayed up basting the pieces together.  I gave them to my nieces the next morning, and quickly told them not to squeeze their pillows, that we still needed to add the fringe!  So that afternoon, the 4 of us sat down and we all cut the little holes in the edges and tied the fringed pieces all around the pillows!  I had purchased quite a few bags of ready made fringe and they chose what colors they wanted for their pillow.  It was a lot of fun and they still love their pillows and will take them on trips or just to Meemaw's house for their Sunday afternoon naps! (my nieces are 20 year old twins and their older sister is 22 years old!)  I'll have pictures of my nieces to show, with stuff that I've made for them, but that's for another post!  A year or so later, after that Christmas with the fleece pillows, one of my nieces friends from Texas, spent the summer with them.  She asked me 'just how do I get my OWN pillow?'  I told her that all she had to do was ask!  So the next time she came back, I had her pillow made, just for her!

Okay, I guess that's enough for now.  I could go on and on, but it's late and I need to get to bed!

Till next time, take care!!  (and I promise, it won't be as long in-between my posts!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Still Here...

Yup, I'm still here, I just don't have anything worthy to really blog about right now.  We did go back to Starke last week, my husband's grandfather died on Tuesday morning, January 5.  The visitation was on Thursday, with the funeral on Friday.  Steve said that this was the very first time that all of the grandkids were together, along with all of the great grandkids too.  It was good to see everyone, I just wish that it could've been for a happier reason.

It sure is cold down here in central Florida!  Steve said that it took him a few minutes to get the frost off of the windsheild this morning.  In looking outside, some of my plants that didn't get covered up, they are now all wilting and yucky looking.  But that's okay, I have a green thumb and more than likely it won't be all that hard to get them to come back next spring.

So like I said, I really don't have that much to 'talk' about, but decided to go ahead and post, just so I don't forget how to do it!!  I'll have to get my sewing machine out, to give me that little push to get busy and get some stuff done!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Going home tomorrow...

We were supposed to be going back to Orlando this afternoon, but it didn't happen.  So we're planning on leaving here early in the morning.  But that's subject to change also.  My husband Steve, his grandfather is in the local hospital after having a major stroke on Tuesday afternoon. (he had Pneumonia last week and was in the hospital for that)  He hasn't been very responsive, partly because of the morphine they've got him on, and that's to help keep his agitation down.  We're planning on going home anyway, mainly to bring in plants and cover up the ones we can't bring in.  Along with paying some bills and whatever else we find that needs to be done.  We could be called to come back to Starke at any time. 

Steve's grandfather (Pops) has lived a long & good life, he's 97 years old.  He would be quick to tell you that he was born in 1912, the same year that the Titanic went down.  He was married to Steve's granny for almost 72 years when she died on Mother's day in 2003.  He was so lonely without her.  So much, that within a couple of years, he started 'looking' for a nice, Christian woman to hook up with!  He got re-married in (I think) 2005 to a widow (Virginia) here in Starke.  He was only 92, and she was around 86 when they got married!  Her youngest daughter Lisa was 3 years younger than me and Steve.  When I called her "Aunt Lisa", she called me "Obnoxious!!"  What ya'll don't know, is that I used to live right next door to Sandy from "The Olde Country Cupoard" blog, and Virginia's house is on the other side!  Sandy lost both of her very good neighbors to the same family!

I wasn't planning on posting any more until we got back to Orlando, but decided to go ahead anyway.  I wanted to wait until I had access to my pictures on our computer at home.  But don't ya'll worry, I've got tons of pictures that I can't wait to share with all of you!  And I'm almost never at a loss of something to talk about!!  I'm used to typing a nightly email to a group of people all over the country, we all share our love for the older movies and I send them the next day's TCM schedule!  So typing on a blog should be a piece of cake for me!!

And oh yeah, if something hasn't come out right, it's coz I'm typing this post all by myself, with no prompting or help from anyone!

Happy New Year everyone!!